PRESIDENT TRAVEL is a travel company specializing in luxury trips all over the world.
We are a team of experts who have made travel their full-time job. Wherever we go, wherever we take you, we seek to show you the essence of the destination, help you taste it, discover its secrets. Every trip you take with us is an adventure. Our guides are real pros who are in love with what they do.
Your wishes is what inspires our creativity. While creating a trip for you we consider your tastes, your lifestyle, your dreams, and you privacy boundaries.
PRESIDENT TRAVEL philosophy is that of the pioneers in the world of unique emotions. In the world where extreme adventures don’t contradict extreme comfort, where even the most demanding and sophisticated traveler has to be ready for new sensations.

PRESIDENT TRAVEL delivers unique memories, as well as a chance to escape the fuss and an opportunity to save your valuable time while preparing for a trip. We will take care of you every step of the way, starting with an idea for the trip and completing with all the formalities.
PRESIDENT TRAVEL creates unique experiences. You will get to familiarize yourself with the destination’s history, you’ll get to feel its tastes and smells, surrender in to its rhythm. We give you an opportunity to maintain your lifestyle at anytime, anywhere. But most important of all — we create vivid emotions.

PRESIDENT TRAVEL is new luxury for people who know what they want, who have discovered the secrets to enjoying life and having a good time, for strong personalities who feel the rhythm of the modern world, value their time and travel to find diversity and create unforgettable impressions.
Every trip starts with an idea — and our ideas resonate with yours.v
Welcome to the world of PRESIDENT TRAVEL! The world of travel created exclusively for you. Once you enter it, you will never ever want to leave.
And now, we are in Dubai! We are glad to inform you about the opening of a new representative office of PRESIDENT TRAVEL in the world's largest free trade zone!
We will be glad to see you in the new, comfortable and cozy office of PRESIDENT TRAVEL DMCC, located in the center of the megapolis, not far from the fashionable Marina district.
As always, we:
- take into account all your wishes, habits and requirements;
- prepare unique routes for exclusive inbound and outbound travel;
- have thought of every possible contingency and carefully arrange your trip;
- develop convenient transfer options;
- book any tickets;
- help to rent a yacht, a business jet or a supercar;
- work with individual customers and legal entities;
- do our best so that you get the maximum pleasure from traveling and working with us.
We are opening a new era in travel. The world where demanding travellers have already explored all the popular destinations, created and tried out lots of itineraries, and have finally realized that the main luxury is time — this world is unimaginable without travel designers. Those are real pros who will help you organize every stage of your trip and will make your dream come true. They will help save your time and will come up with dozens of ideas that will make your trip exceptional.

We refuse to stick to the usual “seller — buyer” routine. We build a trusting relationship with our clients and literally live every trip with them, from the first meeting until your return. Wherever you are, whatever time it is at your destination, we are there for you 24/7. We don’t believe there are bigger and smaller issues, more and less important things. Everything is our priority.

Our team consists of hand-picked professionals. They are enthusiastic travellers and keen explorers who have roamed the world and are familiar even with the remotest corners of our planet. Just like gold hunters, we separate the most interesting and exciting things for you along your way.

Our vacations scenarios are tailor-made for you and only you. It is entirely possible that your trip will combine exotic traditions and deep spiritual experience, wild nature and nights in grand hotels, extreme adventures and fine dining. Our experts are fluent in the language of luxury travel!

The prices for our trips comprise several elements: flights, hotels, transfers, guides’ services and additional services according to your requests.

We always offer best conditions and find best deals for you. We create comfortable flight schedules and book vehicles of the most suitable class.

Our prices are always the same as the prices quoted on the property’s or airline’s official page. We are honest and open in every aspect of our business, including price assessment.

Unique trips
Every trip we organise for you is a little life with original storyline.

Our company was created for those who travel in style, who believe that trips should create long-lasting impressions and give unusual experiences. It’s not boasting when we say that our travel designers have impeccable taste and very particular sense of luxury which allows them to intuit the mood and wishes of our clients.

We are in love with the beauty of our planet and with what we do. In our work, we trust our own experience and the opinions of world-class travel industry experts. We roam cities and countries, create unhacked itineraries, look for fresh angles, find best restaurants, hotels, guides, rent best cars, yachts and private jets.

We create unforgettable trips that are tailored to suit you. With us, you can forget about the planning and give in to your senses.

We work thoroughly on every detail of your trip and control the process every step of the way. We only work with trusted representatives in every part of the world who have proved their respectability and reliability to us.

All our partners are companies that have stood the test of time. Whichever country you choose to visit, at any given moment you will only encounter the highest professionalism and impeccable service.

We are perfectly aware of the meaning of the word reputation, therefore we make it our priority to guarantee our clients 100% confidentiality.

Our clients are businessmen, CEOs, top managers and celebrities. We are in direct contact with all the hotels and resorts unavailable to random people and outsiders, and we understand perfectly the specifics of working in private travel.

Every client is assigned a personal manager who keeps all his or her data well protected. Your personal manager will stay with you for many years to come. He or she will know everything there is to know about your tastes and preferences and will anticipate all your wishes.

The impossible is possible
We can get you a room in a fully-booked hotel, tickets to concerts that have been sold out, invitations to exclusive parties and the best tables at the best restaurants.

Have breakfast in savannah, meet a princess, take a cooking class with celebrity chef, organize a surprise for your loved one, enjoy personal privileges in the leading hotels of the world — we can make any of your dreams come true.

Our reward is your happy smiles
We take tremendous pride in our work. All the trips you take with us will be filled with fresh memories, whether it is an escape to an exotic island or returning to the places where you have been dozens of times.

The main criteria of our work is very simple — we evaluate the result based on the amount of your happy emotions. However complicated the itinerary, we will guarantee that you will feel at home and comfortable every day and night, and we will try to foresee you needs and wishes so that you can come back to us again and again.

Personal travel manager 24/7
Your personal assistant throughout the journey. This is a person who will take care of everything related to the trip: book comfortable flights and a hotel of your choice, arrange for the rental of an exclusive car, business jet or yacht, follow the holiday offers of hotels, the secular calendar, and ensure that you accumulate miles of aviation alliances.

The travel manager knows all your habits and preferences; he will tell you where the best brunches are served, reserve a table for dinner at a restaurant with your favorite cuisine, find the best babysitter for your children or a personal chef for your villa, organize an exciting day-to-day excursion, help you skip the line to a popular exhibition or concert of your favorite artist, find out all the necessary information and provide the necessary support on the spot. Save time, entrust your vacation to a professional!


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